Bersantai Day Spa

product range

Bersantai’s product range has been carefully selected for the discerning customer.

Bersantai has a wide range of product that can be purchased when visiting for your next treatment.

Please peruse our range below:

Bersantai Signature Massage Oil

A quality massage oil that has been carefully blended and packaged by Bersantai Day Spa.

Our signature blend has exotic vanilla & coffee bean earth fragrances for a stimulating and detoxifying experience.

A perfect gift for your loved one.


Comfortzone is a luxurious Italian brand used in the best spas worldwide.

Comfortzone has a complete product line of beauty treatments and rituals, cosmetics and elements of design to render every moment of one’s life a pleasant interlude of well-being.

Our range includes:

Face care

Exceptional daily revitalizing system rich in natural active ingredients.



Body care

Tranquillity – a unique indulging body system rich with natural ingredients to bestow skin with silkiness while stimulating a deep sense of well-being.


Aromasoul - Fragrance and flavours of distant lands, recalling a nature generous in pleasures for the senses, cultures that have made care of the body an art. Rituals with an ancient soul revive in extraordinary ambience ritual bodycare collection.


Man space is a unique grooming system specifically conceived to match the highest expectations of contemporary men.  Each product is the result of advanced studies, based on the specific requirements of men's skin and body.



Kirimi is a natural muscle and joint cream designed for external application over sore muscles and joints. Produced in New Zealand, the trusted home and centre of excellence for natural products, Kirimi is totally paraben free.

Kirimi is produced using a unique manufacturing process and only the finest quality concentrated pure herb extracts.

Ingredients include arnica, hypericum, calendula and comfrey.




Surmanti prides itself on providing luxurious environmentally friendly long burning candles which are crafted in New Zealand, made fresh in small batches using ingredients in their pure, organic state, preserving the rich vitamins, minerals and active properties within.

Enjoy beautiful natural pourable eco-soya candles. Light a flame to set the mood within minutes any room will be transformed. Beautifully packaged in hand made black glass carefully designed to give off just the right amount of cosy light. Also can be used as a warming massage

jasmincandle.jpg grapefruitcandle.jpg coconutcandle.jpg pearcandle.jpg


OPI has a stunning range of award-winning nail lacquers and is the number one selling product of its type in the world